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What does it all mean? CD, Ch., AKC... Go to this Great Website for terms and definitions of many dog related stuffs done by BlackHills Sporting Dogs. Another one from Cindy Tittle Moore lists all titles that a dog can earn and their meanings. There is also a great article called "Points and Championships" by Julian Prager. All dogs shown at Westminster must be AKC Champions. Find out what it takes to get this title.


The USA Networks 1999 Westminster Site

Judging Panel for Westminster 1999 available from InfoDog

And another place to check out the Judging Panel

Order a 1999 Show Catalog for $20 (regular) or $25 (marked)

Premium List for 1999 with no working pictures but plenty of text

New Procedure for Entering Westminster (entries closed Nov. 13). If Your interested, Click


The AKC's Westminster Site Some history; junior qualifiers; Results (with date, judge, entry number, time; award of merits, best of opposite, best of breed; dog's name, owner, handler); Photos

Woofs Site Group Winners (breed, name, sire and dam, owners, breeder); Pictures

InfoDog Page "View the Catalog,Photos, and Results"

The Poop Pictures and Results

USA Network's Westminster Site Put on by the people who taped and aired the show

Show Dogs Online results

CollieWorld Collie results and some pictures for 1998; plus many (possibly all) of the collies entered

1998 Labrador Retriever winners

Keeshonden Winners

Welsh Springer Spaniels in Westminster

Golden Retrievers at Westminster

Australian Shepherds at Westminster In and out of the show ring- Several candid shots and great pictures- although some of them are a little messed up (film is, anyway). No stats-just pictures


The Pet Care Forum Follow three dogs, a pug, golden retriever and cairn terrier on the road to Westminster; Westminster Trivia; and 1997 results (complete: BOB, Best of Opposite, Award of Merit; Owners, agent, breeder, AKC no., etc.)

The USA Networks 1997 Westminster Site Now this one is hard to find! They don't advertise it hardly anywhere

1997 Labrador Retriever winners

1997 Keeshonden Winners


Keeshond 1996 Winners

The AKC WKC Photos

The AKC has WKC photos all over their website, but it is really hard to find specific pictures. So I'm categorizing them. I think that they are all from 1998.

Best in Show Norwich Terrier Ch. Fairewood Frolic

Non-Sporting Group First Standard Poodle Ch. Lake Cove That's My Boy

Non-Sporting Group Second Bichon Frise Ch. Sterling Rumor Has It

Non-Sporting Group Third Miniature Poodle Ch. Reignon Assin Alexandra

Non-Sporting Group Fourth Dalmatian Ch. Tuckaway Winged Foot

Toy Group First Toy Poodle Ch. Dignity of Jewelery House Yoko

Toy Group Second Maltese Ch. Ta-Jon's Tickle Me Silly

Toy Group Third Papillion Ch. Loteki Supernatural Being

Toy Group Fourth Brussels Griffon Ch. Toobee's Rembrandt

Terrier Group First Norwich Terrier Ch. Fairewood Frolic

Sporting Group First Gordon Setter Ch. Bit O Gold Titan Treasure

Sporting Group Second English Setter Ch. Artizoe Color of my Love

Sporting Group Third Cocker Spaniel, ASCOB Ch. Afton's Absolut

Sporting Group Fourth Pointer Ch. Albelarm's Bee Serious

Hound Group First Longhaired Dachshund Pramada's Curmudgeon

Hound Group Second Saluki Ch. Sundown Alabaster Treasure, JC

Hound Group Third Whippet Ch. Sporting Field's Jazz Fest

Hound Group Fourth Beagle Kahootz Chase Manhatten

Herding Group First Old English Sheepdog Ch. Lambluv's Desert Dancer

Herding Group Second German Shepherd Dog Ch. Windwalker's Leroy Brown

Herding Group Third Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch. Fox Meadow's Forest Gump

Herding Group Fourth Belgian Sheepdog Ch. Black Gold City Slicker

Working Group First Alaskan Malamute Ch. Nanuke's Take No Prisoners

Best Junior Handler

Junior Group- First, Second, Third and Fourth

The AKC's booth at WKC (I wondered if they paid for an exhibitors booth...)

Alaskan Malamute in the Group Ring

Australian Shepherd Ring

Beagle Ring

Bearded Collies Being Groomed

Boxer Ring

Bull Terrier Ring

Clumber Spaniel Ring

Dalmatian Ring

Doberman Pinscher Ring

Great Dane Being Judged

Great Pyrenees Ring

Norfolk Terrier Ring

Pomeranian Ring

Weimaraner Ring

Wirehaired Dachshund Being Groomed

Sky View of the Working Group

The Benches

Another View of the Benches

Something that only loaded the top half, so I don't know what little doggy is down at the bottom

The AKC Open House Pictures of dog people, not much to do with Westminster except that it was held in conjunction

Junior Showmanship-
A very much overlooked aspect: check it out!

1998 Results Includes a picture of first place Junior and her dog and go see more JS picts- long wait, but worth it

Frequently Asked Questions About Juniors Includes many questions specifically relating to Westminster- very informative

Westminster Individuals

Now in Alphabetical Order by Registered Name!! (Dogs with unknown RNs are at the end)

Ch. Alpenglow Facsimile Chamour Bichon Frise Westminster Award of Merit 1992

Ch. Alpine Lincoln Continental BOS Clumber Spaniel Westminster 1996 and Award of Merit 1995; also at IFCS

AM/CAN Ch. Amberac's Asterling Aruba Golden Retriever who went Best of Breed 1982

Ch. Aragorn Appraxin Blue Merlyn 1986 Best of Opposite Cardigan Welsh Corgi

AM/CAN Ch. Aragorn's Lord Alden 1994 Best of Breed Cardigan Welsh Corgi; Also at the Purina Champions Site

Ch. Aragorn's Merry Monroe of Barr Cardigan Welsh Corgi 1985 BOB; 1984 Best of Opposite

Am.Can.Ch. Aragorn's Out of the Blue, CD 1986 Best of Breed Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Ch. Aragorn's Sarum Blue Bishop, AM/CAN CD Cardigan Welsh Corgi Best of Breed 1984; Best of Opposite 1985

Ch. Aragorn's The Lone Ranger 1990 Best of Breed Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Ch. Ariel Sarih Rih of the Dunes, F.Ch. "Sarih" Saluki Best of Breed and Group 3 - Westminster Kennel Club 19??

Ch. Aurora's Gone Wythe Wynd Welsh Springer Spaniel 1998 Best of Breed- Scroll to the bottom of the page

Ch. Autumn's Shaquille German Shepherd Best of Breed 1997

Ch. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest "The Greatest American Boxer of all time" Best in Show Boxer 1951- also other Boxer winners

Ch. Bayshore's Flapjack Australian Shepherd Best of Breed 1994 and 1996

Ch. Bit O' Gold Titan Treasure, CGC Gordon Setter went Group I at Westminster

Ch. Brown's Mikki Finnish Spitz Best of Breed 95, 96 and 97

Ch. Bullmarket Versace French Bulldog Best of Breed 1997

Ch. By U Cals Razzle Dazzle Basset Hound- Award of Merit 1996

Ch. Catalina's Felix To The Max, the very first Canaan Dog to go to Westminster at Dog Owner's Guide: Westminster Bound Also a Pedigree award winner. And more Pictures

AM/CAN/INT Ch. Chakpori's Up to Date Lhasa Apso Award of Merit either 1997 or 1998 or both

Ch. Champ Vom Vistaler Land Rottweiler Best of Breed 1997

Ch. Classic's Special Kid K Boston Terrier 1995 Best of Breed; 1996 Award of Merit

Ch. Clussexx Country Sunrise Clumber Spaniel, BIS 1996 And his page on the Clussexx site And finally, my page with a fun newspaper clipping of Brady

AM/CAN Ch.Cortaillod Ubeda Standard Schnauzer 2x BOB winner. What Years (????)

Ch. Cotoica'a Once is Not Enough Field Spaniel Best of Opposite 1996 and 1997

Ch. Creiders Prince Dom Perignon Pomeranian Award of Merit 1996

Ch U-CD Crocs-Blancs' Volcanic Ash CD CGC HCT TT TDI AATD ROM3 (now thats a long name!) Belgian Malinois 1996 Best of Breed

AM/CAN Bda. Ch. Cummings' Gold-Rush Charlie, OS, SDHF Golden Retriever went best of breed in 1973 and 1974

Ch. Dhandy's Favorite Woodchuck The Pug that went Best in Show in 1981; picture and pedigree here. And this is really interesting! Follow this link to find a piece of jewelery modeled after this dog!

AM/CAN Ch. Diotima Bear Necessity, H.C. "Andrew" Bearded Collie. Andrew retired the Breed Trophy as being only the second Beardie in history to win the breed at the Garden three straight times in a row. Also at the Purina Champions Page. And more about Andrew. Follow this to see pictures of Andrew at the Garden

Ch. Elite's Cadillac Style Chinese Shar-Pei Award of Merit 1996

AM/PR/LA Ch. Elke Von Evman, CGC "Elke", a Rottweiler, went best of Opposite at Westminster 1996

Ch. Fairewood Frolic A picture of Norwich Terrier, Ch. Fairewood Frolic, a.k.a. "Rocki", recent Best in Show winner of WKC 1998

AKC, SKC, CAN, MEX, INT CH. Finkkila's Norski, Finnish Spitz Best of Breed at Westminster 1991 & 1992, picture and info

Ch. Forrester's Hunter Dachshund that won Award of Merit 1995 and 1996

Ch Fox Meadows Forest Gump Best of Breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi 1998 plus pictures of the breed competition

Ch. Frerose Otomi Shiba Inu Best of Breed 1996 and 1997

Ch. Frostiwyt Staker Bootnick OFA CERF First American Eskimo Best of Breed winner at Westminster (96) at Frostiwyt Kennels. See more about "Boots" at the Unofficial WKC Website

AM/CAN Ch. Gaelforce Postcript "Peggy Sue" Scottish Terrier won Best in Show at WKC 1995

Ch. Gaelforce Postcript "Peggy Sue's" breeders

AM/CAN Ch. Hylan Sho Tru Snow Update Lhasa Apso; Best of Opposite 1995; Best of Breed-Group 4 another year (???)

AM/CAN Ch. Iron Chancellor V. Bergenhof, CGC Rottweiler Best of Breed 1996

Ch. Jordeans All Kiddin' Aside This brittany (yeah!) won BOB at Westmisnter four times

AM/CAN Ch. Keeshee's Sparks A Flying Keeshond Best of Opposite 1998; also at her family's home page

Ch. KJ's Purrcolator Keeshond 1998 Best of Breed

Ch. Ladybug Thorn Of The Rose B.D. Bullmastiff that won Best of Opposite Sex 1996

Ch. Larimar's Talk Of The Town Best of Breed Pug 1995

BIS, BISS Ch. Leathernecks Grizzly, ROM shown taking Award of Merit at 19?? WKC. Azar Bullmastiff's Page

AM/CAN Ch. Linrays Over The Top "Topper" Labrador Retriever BOB for 1998

Ch. Lobuff's Bare Necessities Best of Breed 1993 Labrador Retriever. And Here

Louimar's Midnight Velvet, CD CGC Shetland Sheepdog went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners in 1991. Someone help me out here (PLEASE!!!) When was it that they limited WKC to champions? I thought it was before 1991...

Ch. Osage's Fly Boy Cocker Spaniel "Variety win" at Westminster 1997. I'm guessing this is Black Cocker Spaniel Best of Breed ('cuz there's four classes of cocker- English, Black, ASCOP and Parti) Would this dog even be considered black? or parti? Come on you guys- I know you people are out there who know more about dogs than me...

Ch. O'Delyn Lonestar Keeshond Award of Merit 1998

AM/CAN Ch. Pennylane's On The Target Yorkshire Terrier, Best of Opposite 1997

AM/CAN Ch. Q'n'Qs Kendoric Poppin Fresh This pug went Best of Opposite. What year???

Ch. Rare Earth's Sunlight Sailor Rhodesian Ridgeback Best of Breed for 1996

Ch. Rawhide's Tiger Lily Pug Best of Breed 1998

Ch. Rendition Triple Play Cocker Spaniel Best of Breed for 1995 and 1996

Ch. Ridge View Heartland Hitman Labrador Retriever winner at Westminster

Ch. Rougemont Yessits Allstar CDX, HIT, TT "Reggie" Belgian Tervuren, Best of Breed, 1992

Ch. Salutaire Signature "Mark" Best of Variety winner 1998

Ch. Shadows Nairobi "Bogie" Boxer dog won and Award of Merit in 1998 (scroll down to about the middle)

AKC Ch. UKC Nat'l GR Ch. Sierra's Orion, OFA Best of Breed American Eskimo Dog 1997

U-Ch. Dual Ch. Smotare's DeJa'Vue Xperience SC FCH CGC Award of Merit 1996; Ibizan Hound

Ch. Silver Ridge Sir Spencer Star Beagle Award of Merit 1997

Ch. Solsbury's Bergi of Grants Farm Manor Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Award of Merit 1998

Ch. Sqwire's Return to Sender Wire Fox Terrier and here are more photos of this dog at Westminster 19??

Ch. Sudon’s Mister Mom "Mister": A Yorkshire Terrier that won an Award of Merit at Westminster 1994

MBIS/MBISS Ch. Sundown Alabaster Treasure, JC Borzoi- Group second 1998

AM/CAN Ch. Tenderland Farms Red-Kay-Dee Irish Wolfhound, won Best of Opposite 1994 at 20 months old

Ch. Touche High Faluton "Flutie", Japanese Chin Best of Breed 1998

Ch. Trubo's Barney Google Cadaran Chinese Crested Dog who went Best of Breed in 1997 when he was only 10 months old, becoming the youngest dog to ever go Best of Breed at WKC

BIS BISS Ch. Tuckaway Olympic "Putter" Dalmatian 1998 Award of Merit

Ch. Tuckaway Winged Foot "Jack" Dalmatian, Group 4 at Westminster 1998 with RealVideo

Ch. V. Ragus Next Generation Manarjj Doberman Pinscher won Best of Opposite 1997 and 1998

Ch. Va-Gore's Bright Promise ROM Shetland Sheepdog, Best of Breed 1954

Ch. Windrift's Summertime Blues, HOF, ROMX Keeshond, won BOB at Westminster three years in a row 19??; Also as an Award of Merit 1998

Ch. Windrush's Mika Of Broadcreek CGC Belgium Malinois Award of Merit 1995 and 1997

Ch. Winteroses Dustin Windstorm Best of Breed Field Spaniel 1996

Ch. Wochica's Okeechobee Jake Won the breed competition three times, the only Golden Retriever to do so

Ch. Wye Rebound of Rattlebridge Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Award of Merit 19??

AM/CAN/MEX/Int'l Ch. Yaralla's Rock The Ring ROM Group II, 1996; Australian Terrier

Ch. Zion's Man About Town Sheltie, Group First 1997 A Really Great Picture

"Cammie" Keeshond that went Best of Breed for 1997... anyone know this dogs registered name?

Newfoundland "Dodger" Recieved and Award of Merit in 1998 (anyone know this dogs registered name?)

"Romeo" Shih Tzu 1996 "Breed Winner" (probably BOB???) Anyone know the registered name?

"Nicky" Shih Tzu Best of Breed 1997 Registered Name???

Covy-Tucker Hill Breeders of Am/Can Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Manhattan, ROM Best in Show winner 19??

Innisfree Kennels Breeder of BIS winner for 1980 ???


The Poop Westminster History

Pictures From Westminster "Copper's Page" Different pictures- one of a Bedlington, 4 Vizsla pictures, and one each of a pug, Golden Retriever and Irish Wolfhound

AKC Westminster Photos Includes Westminster photos as well as photos from the AKC's annual open house. Scroll up to where I categorized all of AKC's WKC photos

French Bulldogs Great picture of an early show catalogue from 1897; somewhat of a history

Newspaper Articles

The Associated Press and Nando.net Article: "DOG SHOW: WBest-in-Show awaits at Westminster" 1998

The Associated Press and Nando.net Article: "DOG SHOW: Dogs have their days (and nights) at Westminster" 1998

The Associated Press and Nando.net Aricle: "DOG SHOW: Barking for Gold: Top Dogs at Garden" 1998

The Associated Press and Nando.net Article: "DOG SHOW: Norwich Terrier wins Westminster Best-in-Show" 1998

The Detroit News "Breeds: With clumber king of canines, Detroit show breeds interest" 1996

USA Today "Canine stars rule the Garden" 1998

USA Today "Size Can't Stop Westminster Winner" 1999

US News "In Madison Square Garden: Rocki is the Champ" with two quicktime videos 1998

US News "Dog Days in New York City" with two quicktime videos 1998

US News "The Drama of the most gifted hound" 1999

The Seattle Times "Showy schnauzer takes top prize at Westminster Kennel Club" 1997

CNN Article: "Dog shows are big business: Annual Westminster Kennel Club Show involves pricey grooming" 1998

CNN Article: "A Hairy Dog Story: Behind the Scenes at the Westminster Kennel Club Show" 1996

Time Article: "A Dog has his Day" 1997

American Veterinary Medical Association "Deubler first veterinarian to judge at Westminster" 1998

Seattle Times "Top dog? (It's just a Rumor)" Article about local dog, Bichon Frise Champion Sterling Rumor Has It

The Detroit Free Press Article: "Westminster Draws 67 State Entries" 1997

Dog Fancy Article: "Superior Dogs Strut their Stuff" 1997

Dog Fancy Article: "Schnauzer Captures Westminster Best in Show" 1997

Dog Fancy Article: "Down the Home Stretch" 1997

Dog Fancy Article: "Heading to the Westminster Finish"1997

Dog Fancy Article: "Competition Heats Up at Westminster" 1997

Dog Fancy Article: "A Show For All Dogs" 1997

Dog Fancy Article: "Waking Up To Westminster" 1997

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