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Ch. Clussexx Country Sunrise

Best in Show Westminster Kennel Club 1996

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Owned by Richard & Judith Zaleski of Florida
Bred by Doug Johnson, Sandy Blakely and Susan Stockhill
Handler J. Alston-Myers

More Stuff About Brady-

Clussexx Kennel Home Page and their Brady page. Includes pedigree
International Friends of the Clumber Spaniel (scroll down a little bit)
International Friends of the Clumber Spaniel Another Page they have with Brady in it
A Hairy Dog Story- CNN Article and an alternate source for the same page
The Detroit News No Pictures, Just an Article
PurePet Products OK, this one is a total ad, but I though it was kinda cool. The very last comment is from Brady's handler, J. Alston-Myers, who bathed Brady exclusively with their products
1996 Rankings for Show Dogs Scroll Down to "Clumber Spaniels II" (Right under Clumber Spaniels I) and you'll find Brady at the top of the list
1995 Best in Show Rankings This is a ranking of the top dogs by the number of dogs that they have defeated when they win Best in Show. Brady is No. 42- And this is for the year before he won Westminster!
Clumber Spaniel-H List

About the Clumber Spaniel-

Clumber Spaniel AKC Breed Standard
Clumber Spaniel Club of America
Clumber Spaniel Rescue

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