Going To Westminster!
How to get the most out of the show
Westminster is being held on Feb. 8 and 9 this year.

Travel Accomodations

Before you go anywhere else, please check out these great sites for all of your traveling needs:

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Tickets are available through several sources. I have written to several to find out more. For now, here are several places that would probably sell tickets to WKC 1999:

Madison Square Garden Tickets available at $32 and $39 (members only) and a Two-day Gerneral Admission Season Pass for $42. Skip to their Westminster page within the site.


Ticket Magic

TicketMaster And skip directly to their Westminster page

Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of the above ticket sites. Unless stated, many of these may not even stock tickets to Westminster, though I don't see why not. They are provided merely as a convenience for the spectators and fans of Westminster.

The Show

Unfortunately, I've only ever dreamed of going, and never been, to Westminster, me being a Californian, and it being a New Yorker. I would really appreciate any tips, hints, stories, anecdotes or anything that would be useful to someone who is going to Westminster for the first time. The best times to view dogs, best place to get a breath of fresh air, anything!!

From previous dog shows, definately by a catalog. Otherwise at such a big show you will probably be lost trying to figure out where the Belgian Tervuren and Cocker Spaniel rings and benches are. Bring a camera (and share the pictures with your favorite WKC website :-P ). If you don't know much about dog shows, it may be good to do a little bit of research now so that you know what is going on. One great book that is both amusing and educational is called Dog Eat Dog: A Very Human Look at Dog Shows. One of the chapters in this book even takes place at Westminster. Know what breeds or exhibitors you would like to see. You can change it, of course, but it will be busy and crowded and it may help if you know what your plans are. Don't forget about Jrs. either. Everyone always forgets about them! They've worked really hard to get to this point, so give them a cheer and clap.

Anyone who has attended Westminster, either as a spectator, handler, exhibitor, judge, owner, superintendant, or whatever, please feel free to contribute articles and stories for the rest of us to enjoy.