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Two Books for Obedience Instructors


Have you ever thought that you could make a little extra cash teaching obedience classes?

Is your club in need of some extra money? These books make great raffle or book sale items!

Do you know an obedience instructor or doggie friend who deserves a bonus?

Does your neighborhood need an instructor for an obedience class?

Teaching Obedience Classes and Seminars Dog Training Step by Step
By Joel M. McMains
Joel M. McMains, award winning author for Howell Book House, has trained dogs professionally since "somewhere in the seventies." In addition to offering contract obedience and protection training services, he conducts public obedience classes and seminars. He served as chief K9 trainer for the Sheridan County (Wyoming) Sherriff's Department and for the city of Sheridan Police Department. Hoel has testified in court preceedings as an expert witness, and has taught courses in K9 selection, management, training and deployment for the Police-Science Division of Sheridan College. He was also the coordinator of Sheridan County's 4-H Dog Program form 1982-1994. Joel is the author of five books and is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America. He lives near Terre Haute, Indiana.
By Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker was born in England in 1934, and was raise within a close-knit family surrounded by pets. Towards the end of his education he became incolved in obedience dog training, which led him to train RAF police dogs during his national service. IN 1956 he joined the Guide Dogs for the Blind in England, where he gained all his qualifications. He migrated with is family to Australia in 1967 and continued his work at the Royal Guide Dogs for the Blind Associations in Australia. Later he set up his own dog-training school based in Melbourne. He has often been interviewed by the media, and frequently gives talks to schools, dog clubs, and other organizations. In recent years he has visited many dog-training establishments in overseas countries, including the United States where he has held successfull seminars. His earlier books are Dog Training Made Easy, The Eyes the Lead and Solving Your Sog Problems. Michael and his wife Valerie have two daughters, Sharon and Alison, both of whom are in the nursing profession. In his spare time he likes to help in community work, and relaxes with his hobbies of carpentry and chess.
The Chapters in This Book Include:
  • Perspectives
  • Simplicity
  • Before the Phone Rings
  • Inquiry
  • Teaching Guidelines
  • Canine Aggression
  • Overview
  • Just Before a First-Week Class
  • First Week
  • Second Week
  • Third Week
  • Fourth Week
  • Fifth Week
  • Post-Novice Courses
  • Seminars
  • Impaired Owners
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Lessons from the Best Teacher
The Chapters in This Book Include:
  • Obedience Dog-Training Clubs
  • Introduction to Obedience
  • Heelwork
  • Practical Work with the Class
  • Questions, Answers and advice
  • How to Conduct a Class
  • Turns in Heelwork
  • The Recall and the Sit-Stay
  • The Recall Off the Leash
  • Footwork
  • Retrieving
  • Puppy Class
  • Stand and Stand for Examination
  • Drop and Drop on Recall
  • Advanced Heelwork and Stays Out of Site
  • Agility and Jumping Tricks
  • Demonstration Work
  • Scent Work
  • Tracking
  • The First Few Tracks
  • Progress in Tracking
  • Instructional Techniques
  • Qualities of a Good Instructor
  • Handlers' Attributes
  • To Conclude
On the Back Cover...

You're the one with the answers and that's why dog owners seek you out, come to your classes, and train to make the most of their dogs with your guidance- with your answers.

In Teaching Obedience Classes and Seminars, veteran obedience instructor of dogs and people, Joel M. McMains furnishes all the insights on the teaching techniques you need to become an effective, popular training instructor. If you have successfully trained your own dogs and are considering going professional with your aptitude for the work, you'll find the answers you need right here- from one of todays top trainers.

This book also examines the business side of training classes and seminars- advertising, organization, forms, scheduling, fee structures, bookkeeping, legalities, policy making, problem solving, and general business considerations.

The basic classes descibed in this book are "real-world" formatted to serve the needs of typical pet dog owners. Here is the real key to conducting classes that turn out dogs their owners can live with. There is little benefit to a dog that holds a beautiful long down in class, but acts like a space cadet in your company while you try to use a public phone.

And that's what Teaching Obedience Classes and Seminars can do for you, your students, and the dogs they care about. It helps others as you make a career of something you have learned to love.

On the Back Cover...

Dog Training Step by Step has been written to help not only the average dog-owner, but also those who instruct or would like to instruct in obedience dog clubs or professional dog-training establishments. The author explains everything in a clear, conversational way; his methods makes the whole business of training dogs and people interesting, enjoyable and far easier than most would imagine. He emphasizes the importance of laying a good foundation in basic obedience which can later be built upon with such exercises as the retrieve, the seek forward and the seek back, and scent discrimination work. Three chapters have been devoted to that ever-fascinating aspect of dog training, tracking. Agility and demonstration work are also covered. The book is generously illustrated with photographs and diagrams to ensure that the reader has a clear understanding of what should and should not be done.

Theis manuel is the product of the vast knowledge the author has gained in nearly forty years as a professional dog-trainer--  knowledge he wants to share with others so that they too can enjoy the great satisfaction of owning, training an working their dogs.

Excellent Condition! Totally New! Never Read! Excellent Condition!
Hardcover Book Paperback Book
246 Pages! 147 Pages!
These are both excellent books! They really complament each other. The first, Teaching Obedience Classes and Seminars, deals much more with the practical aspects of an obedience class. It deals with aggression, bookkeeping, tardiness and much more. It does deal with training also, but the book Dog Training Step by Step goes much more in depth on the training aspects, while it does not deal as much with class schedules and what to do if someone misses a class. So while they are both geared towards instructors, they are also both very different and an excellent source of knowledge for anyone interested in dogs and dog training. These are really a great duo!

Shipping of choice to be paid by the high bidder. I'd think that it would average from $1-$4. I will accept checks or money orders. Checks will be held until they clear. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me. Thanx for your consideration.

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